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#22 Ashley by Valicoro-Zatross #22 Ashley :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #21.Lilian by Valicoro-Zatross #21.Lilian :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #20. Izaya Orihara by Valicoro-Zatross #20. Izaya Orihara :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #19.Celty Sturluson by Valicoro-Zatross #19.Celty Sturluson :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #18 Syla by Valicoro-Zatross #18 Syla :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #17 Shadow by Valicoro-Zatross #17 Shadow :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #16 Hunter Steele by Valicoro-Zatross #16 Hunter Steele :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #15 Mantid by Valicoro-Zatross #15 Mantid :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #14 Terra by Valicoro-Zatross #14 Terra :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #13 Blazar by Valicoro-Zatross #13 Blazar :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #12 Adrian Seidelman by Valicoro-Zatross #12 Adrian Seidelman :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #11 Lucas Amato by Valicoro-Zatross #11 Lucas Amato :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #10 Von Richter by Valicoro-Zatross #10 Von Richter :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #9 Cyber Six by Valicoro-Zatross #9 Cyber Six :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 0 0 #8.Seratick by Valicoro-Zatross #8.Seratick :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 1 0 #7. Ruby Rose by Valicoro-Zatross #7. Ruby Rose :iconvalicoro-zatross:Valicoro-Zatross 3 0


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#22 Ashley
And I was able to finish something in two uploads. If you missed the first one (…). Now if you read my description for Lillian than it would make things easy to describe her as the opposite. Ashely is cold, manipulative and vengeful. but if you read what I say in the spoilers than it is understandable why. ( also quick tip. I marked Lilian's image as movies and TV but I meant to put games. it was my first time not doing movies and TV for a character that I drew but I'm putting this under movies and TV to for convenience. I will try to avoid something like this in the future.)


In Lilian's image I said I would mention the secret ending so here we go. You find a path that was not there before, find a silver toy knight with the name Ashely carved in the back, find Ashely's house, give her the toy, Lilian appears, the two of them fight, I forget the process but somehow you figure out that they at the same person, they explain how Lilian transferred her soul to a cat but it split so Ashely was executed by witch hunters and became a spirit. they admit that they each have some of the others feelings, they lift the curse, you wake up in class the next day, I will not spoil the rest, just know it was a happy ending.

Lilian belongs to Trick And Treat ( I recently figured out that is the name of another game, to find the one I was talking about try looking up Trick And Treat Visual Novel) give your support to Eternal Night Studios If you like the game.
One day I was browsing through steam and it recommended this visual novel called Trick And Treat. I spent 4 hours on it. not including the time I spent trying to find all the endings. the first ending that I experienced was one of the endings only involving her. It was sad but so I don't spoil it for people who would like to try it I will put it in the spoilers. To summarize the character I would say that she is a serious person who is surrounded by idiotic silly people. There is one detail I would like to point out, at no point jurying the visual novel do you see below her dress ( THE LOWER PART OF HER IS CUT OUT OF THE SCREEN! I DID NOT MEAN IT LIKE THAT!), personally I imagined it went down to below her knees, but I had no reference image for that. Also despite her looks she is not actually the villain, although she is a witch.


you first see her as a Wight cat with red Eyes than depending on if you go for the first possible ending or not, you get to see her human form. She also sais one of my favourite lines EVER! " Pleas help me you insignificant human." One final thing is that after you complete all six endings you can do a seventh secret ending. the seventh is the longest but it is my favourite, looks like it would be a bit sad but it is actually quite happy, I will explain the seventh ending in my Ashely picture.

The witch who said one of the best lines ever is from Trick And Treat, owned by Eternal Night Studios. If any of the guys from there see this, I love your content.
#20. Izaya Orihara

After all that My hatred for this guy is still not out of my system ( possibly it would be if I drew him being brutally murdered). I can list the reasons to hate this character for awhile. He likes messing with suicidal people, manipulates people just to makes things interesting, buys peoples heads on the black market and concocted some kind of Ludacris scheme to ensure he would go to heaven if he died ( no way is that happening). But the most interesting thing I found about him is that for villains I love them or they are just there, this guy is the first that I Hate! I think I mostly just drew him to state my opinion about how I hate him.



The $%^&*^%$@!#$%^&%$^&*^%$#@#$&*^&$%$#@#^$%^*%*&^$@!&*^&$%$#@#^$%^*%*&^$@!#@#$%^&*^%$@!#$%^&%$^&*^%$#@#$&*^&$%$#@#^$%^*%*&^$%^*%*&^$@!&*^&$%$#@#^$%^*%*&^$@!#@#$%^&*^%$@!#$%^&%$^&*^%$#@#$&*^&$%$#@#^$%&*^&$%$#@#^$%^*%*&^$%^*%*&^$@!&*^&&*)(*&^%$#@#$%^&*^%$@!#$%^&% is from Durarara ( glad I didn't come up with this excuse for a human being.
#19.Celty Sturluson
I told a few people who mite like this show about this character mostly for the Shock value. What I said was " She is looking for something that was stolen from her, her head.". after that I had to explain that she is a dullahan, a type of fairy that's head is separate from its body and serves as a messenger of death. Celty is a key roll in the lives of the other people around her, helping people however she can. Celty also goes by the title "The Black Rider when she rides her motorcycle. She also fears death because destroying her head is the one way to kill her and she has no Idea where it is.


It is later revealed that her roommates dad (Who I find to be one of the funniest characters if not thee funniest character in the show) is later revealed to be the guy who Stoll her head in the first place. Celty is also in contact with an info broker ( who I would gladly murder in the most brutal fashion I could comprehend) who is also the one who has her head.

The unexpectedly nice MESSENGER OF #&@%ING DEATH is not mine but is in the show Durarara.
#18 Syla
My first character To have a relation to one of my others. Blazar is Her father. He disowned Her after She couldn't learn even the first level of his fighting style. And as if that wasn't Enough, He killed Her mother out of the anger that Syla couldn't Learn the Fighting Style. So she broke into Dracula's castle    ( the one From the original story, He is the best Version( partly because He doesn't #@&% sparkle!) and drank a vial of Draculas blood gaining His powers. That was Her origin story in this fictional world she exists in in real Life I just got the Idea and drew her, After showing her to someone they said she looks like s shemale. Just thought that would have bean funny to let you Know.


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I want to make fan art to support games, movies and shows that I like. I would like to recommend them to people that may have not heard of them before. I would also like to use this as a chance to learn of things like this myself. If you discover this channel after I have lots of images, they will be numbered if you want to see all of them. as well , if I don't do any uploads in a certain amount of days (which will happen often) expect one picture for every day I have bean gone.

If you would like to make a recommendation of a character you think I should draw, recommend the show/movie/game and the character. If I draw a character with multiple appearances I will draw either there most iconic or there original. if they have two or more other appearances, than you will have to specify. if the character receives 10 or more votes for a new appearance in there latest image ( if they have more than one than you should specify( specific appearances are there own individual catagory)). The number of votes needed may change with my popularity. I may not get to a new charecter right away but I will do an alternat appearance as soon as posibull

This is an additional note that if you are someone I know and you recognize any of my images allowing you to tell it is me and post it on this site. I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND POST THE MOST EMBARRASSING


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